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The Best Natural Health Remedy In A Liquid Formula

Gallbladder Complete for pain, stones, sludge and debris

Gallbladder Complete is formulated to cleanse the gallbladder and eliminate gallstones, debris, and sludge. Most pain associated with gallbladder attacks can be reduced or eliminated quickly. Through this intense cleansing process, it will restore and balance proper bile flow, mineral levels, and ph levels in the gallbladder, liver, and pancreas significantly reducing the formation of gallstones in the future.

Kidney Function Improves, Kidney Stones Gone

Kidney Complete is an all natural and organic liquid formulated to help with the symptoms associated with kidney stones. It helps reduce or eliminate pain quickly, with natural and organic non-narcotic, non-habit forming ingredients.  In most, but not all situations, it also will dissolve kidney stones entirely or to a point where they will pass with little to no pain. On a preventative basis, it restores proper mineral and pH levels preventing the retention of minerals by the kidneys and the formation of future kidney stones.


Eliminate Antibiotics with Urinary Tract Complete

Urinary Tract Complete is an all natural liquid formulated to reduce the pain, itching, burning, and related symptoms associated with urinary tract infections. With strong active natural and organic ingredients that seek out and destroy bacteria and then flush them from the body, Urinary Tract Complete provides a comprehensive and natural alternative to harmful and damaging antibiotics. It naturally increases pH, mineral, and natural immune levels to reduce the occurence of infection in the future.

Total Concentrated Liquid Liver Detox and Cleanse

Liver Complete is designed for an intensive cleansing of the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. It is formulated to increase and restore proper bile levels while eliminating heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, and unhealthy buildup that impedes the proper function of the liver. With the liver contributing to more than 500 separate functions in the body, a proper functioning liver is crucial. Liver complete can significantly help with these important functions while having benefits with other critical issues such as toxic liver, fatty liver, and hepatitis.

Solve BHP, Slow Urine Flow, & Frequency Issues

Prostate Complete is a completely natural product that can reduce or resolve the issues of BHP (enlarged prostate), frequency, hesitancy, retention, and pain while increasing blood, testosterone, and semen levels.

Save $100's on a Self Home Testing Kit

Rapid Test Complete is a urine reagent strip that tests for the following: In less than 60 seconds, you can determine your health with these tests.

Blood -    To determine if kidney stones are present.
Nitrites - As an indicator of urinary tract infections.
Leukocytes - For urinary tract infection and the presence of bacteria.
Protein - An indicator of Kidney, Bladder, Prostate, and Liver health.
pH - Determines the acidic or alkaline state in the body.
Glucose - A measurement of the sugar level in your urine.
Ketone - An indicator for diabetes and the general health of the liver and kidneys.


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